Should everyone have the right to vote?

Mob rule is a degenerate state of governance, when democracy is overpowered and the majority can vote to torment the minority by stealing their tax money, giving them inferior rights or other injustices.

We must realize that even if we hold our democratic system high, the majority should not be able to do what it wants. Violence and theft will not be right, even if you vote on the matter in good democratic order. Most people agree on that.

Then, how do we prevent the creation and development of the mob rule? Yes, it is a long and arduous question, that has caused deep furrow lines on the forehead of many persistent democrats.

The classic answer is to limit the governing majority, and control their exercise of power through various agencies. Above all, it is the Constitution that governs the rulers, here it says in black and white what they can and cannot do. And a constitutional court controls their actions.

Peace and joy in that case. Our democracy can continue and work. No problems in sight thus.

The problem is that the majority can change even the Constitution, often to their advantage, and they do it quite often. And that Sweden – hear and be amazed – does not have a constitutional court, which controls the people in charge.

I could actually stop here, and let each one reason for a different solution to the problem, but I will move on. My pedagogical work has probably hit my head. And now we will get to the bottom of the question of democracy.

The solution that is available, in addition to constitution and regulations, is to limit the voters.

Every day, our elected officials vote on other people’s money, taxes that you and I paid. But note that even those living on government welfare or state grants have the right to vote and make their voice heard.

This means that those who do not contribute tax can actually decide what this money will be used for. For example, they can vote for more money to go towards welfare, grants and government subsidies. They can vote for other people’s money, so they end up in their own pockets.

And then we are back at the mob rules again. The majority should NOT be able to exploit the minority, either stealing their money or causing harm. Therefore, the solution to the problem is that only those who are net taxpayers should be allowed to vote in the elections, or that we minimize those who live off tax assets.

The citizens should tax themselves. Does this sound like a wild and anarchic phrase? No, it is actually an old tradition in Sweden, a country that has had popular councils since heathen times, with nobility, priests, merchants and peasants. Absolute monarchy has never been a big thing in Sweden.

Only those who contribute and participate in society should have the right to vote. Otherwise, we are just back at the mob rule, and next time it is your money or your life that will be discussed in the council of the mob.