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Students leave Jerry Seinfeld’s speech in protest

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently gave a speech at Duke University in the US, and some members of the audience walked out in protest at his Jewishness and support for the State of Israel. A few years ago, I don’t think anyone thought much about Seinfeld being Jewish or supporting Isreal. He was seen as the …   →

Popular music festival becomes increasingly obscure

From its origins as a general music festival, Eurovision has become more niched towards a specific cultural sub-genre. In the 1950s, there were ideas of promoting European unity through the newly introduced medium of television and public interest in music. It was a chance to showcase national characteristics as well as demonstrate European unity and …   →

Open borders in the shadow of Western decline

I will continue to discuss the concept of open borders, which was briefly mentioned in a previous article. We note that both leftists and libertarians are in favour of the idea. And the concept is well established in the minds of the ruling classes, as we see a huge number of migrants arriving in Western …   →

The despicable family life

I’m not particularly conservative, but objectively speaking – raising children, taking care of a home, and pursuing one’s interests in one’s spare time – is not a bad life. It’s even better than many other options. You don’t have to sit in traffic jams, commute, stress at the workplace and work overtime. Raising children can …   →

Israel and Palestine – arguments for and against

When strife flares up in the Middle East, the centre usually sides with Israel while the left rallies around Palestine. That is the order of things, and it is rare for anyone to think outside the box. But even conservatives should contemplate the Palestinians’ right to a country. Regardless of whether you want to call …   →

The political line of all parties

If we were to summarise post-war policies, three points stand out. We have had this agenda for 50-60 years now: Open borders It sounds unbelievable to many people, but the concept has crept into our everyday lives. We can hear it, for example, in John Lennon’s song Imagine, or from very different political camps such …   →

When Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan meet, they talk about UFOs and the theory of evolution

When Tucker Carlson is interviewed by Joe Rogan, it’s a meeting of giants. They both represent the new alternative media and have far more viewers and followers than established channels such as CNN, Fox etc. Some say that both gentlemen now represent the actual mainstream of today rather than the emerging media channels. So what …   →

When empires tremble, the ripples spread across the globe

Do you feel that we live in a madhouse, that normality is constantly challenged and mocked? That you’d rather jump in the water and leave this crazy ship? You are not alone. The political and cultural madness we are currently experiencing is a global phenomenon. When the US loses its status as an autocratic superpower …   →

The lame right

Is the Swedish party SD some kind of paralysed and controlled opposition to all the leftist parties in Sweden? And even the Moderates’ promise of responsible immigration is becoming a punch in the air. We will probably end up with about 100,000 immigrants this year as well, if you add up all the sources (statistics …   →

The far-right is coming

Elon Musk recently wrote on X that: If maximizing free speech within the bounds of the law, a traditionally liberal value, is somehow “far right”, then I guess I am Musk has been mocked by the faux-liberal elite for allowing a broader debate on X than before. Even President Biden has promised to keep an …   →

On laws that lack popular support

It’s time to think about the new Swedish gender reassignment law, which is controversial to say the least, as it will make it easier for minors to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Or that trans women will be allowed into formerly female rooms. The whole area is complicated, as it is not really possible to change …   →