Students leave Jerry Seinfeld’s speech in protest

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently gave a speech at Duke University in the US, and some members of the audience walked out in protest at his Jewishness and support for the State of Israel. A few years ago, it probably didn’t even occur to anyone that Seinfeld was Jewish. He was seen as the greatest comedian …   →

Popular music festival becomes increasingly obscure

From its origins as a general music festival, Eurovision has become more niched towards a specific cultural sub-genre. In the 1950s, there were ideas of promoting European unity through the newly introduced medium of television and public interest in music. It was a chance to showcase national characteristics as well as demonstrate European unity and …   →

The despicable family life

I’m not particularly conservative, but objectively speaking – raising children, taking care of a home, and pursuing one’s interests in one’s spare time – is not a bad life. It’s even better than many other options. You don’t have to sit in traffic jams, commute, stress at the workplace and work overtime. Raising children can …   →

When empires tremble, the ripples spread across the globe

Do you feel that we live in a madhouse, that normality is constantly challenged and mocked? That you’d rather jump in the water and leave this crazy ship? You are not alone. The political and cultural madness we are currently experiencing is a global phenomenon. When the US loses its status as an autocratic superpower …   →

Titles, orders and seals

This phenomenon may be fading now, but some individuals still want to be called specific pronouns, often linked to a certain gender perception. In Sweden, the term hen is sometimes used, and in the US, She/They, He/They, etc. Being called something incorrectly is considered malicious and provokes upset feelings. I can’t help but think of …   →

Is Europe at risk of being left out of the multipolar order?

The United States, Russia and China are recognised as major powers, along with aspirants such as Japan, India and Brazil. We also have significant regional players such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Australia and others. European countries such as the UK, Germany and France are often included. The question is, what about Europe? And …   →

The European Union was a disaster from the start

We see protesting farmers all over Europe blocking roads and dumping manure. But they do not upset the unworldly and arrogant leadership in Brussels. Individual Europeans have little love for the EU project. Whilst many think the original idea is a good one, they are not willing to engage with the political issues or even …   →

A lying AI

Firstly, I think it is an insult to artificial intelligence to call today’s chatbots this. They are at best cleverly designed software and at worst propaganda machines. Even when they were launched a few years ago, they showed signs of censorship and adaptation to the current social climate. For example, when I asked ChatGTP whether …   →

Prejudice and statistics

We live in a world where prejudice is constantly being challenged and rejected, while statistics are elevated to a noble and important art form. Statistics are used, among other things, to predict elections and to make political and business decisions. At the same time, biases and statistical assumptions work in a similar way. Let me …   →

The desire of the mediocre to hold back the skilled

There has always been an incentive for the mediocre to hold back the skilful. The driven and competent make the others look half-baked. And this is not appreciated, better to regulate and restrain those who want too much. And there are many different traces of this in human history. Today we think of it as …   →

Garbage, waste and pollution

Sweden is at the forefront of waste management and recycling technologies. Most garbage is recycled or incinerated under controlled conditions in heating plants. It was a long time ago that we dumped our rubbish in so-called landfills, where the waste could sometimes burn day and night, and the stench spread across the neighbourhood. However, landfills …   →