People’s total disinterest in freedom and privacy issues, especially on the internet

Apart from a few oddballs, few people are upset by the European Commissions plans to control and monitor our online activities. And since most things are now connected online, the regulations affect the bulk of our communications – emails, chats, video calls, but also regular phone calls. All conversations are monitored and filtered in various …   ►

They are all Russian bastards

Western Europeans have long harboured a kind of suspicion and sometimes disgust for everything east of Berlin. The endless steppes and the land of the mad horse people, uncivilised, inhospitable, debauched and remote. For various reasons we have repeatedly attacked and tried to tame the savage peoples over there. The Napoleonic Wars, the Crimean War …   ►

Why didn’t the Swedes join NATO already after the Second World War?

Many were surprised by the Swedish rush to join NATO, which took place without a referendum or in-depth debate. Why now, one wonders? NATO was formed as a defence alliance against the Soviet Union during the Cold War, when Sweden was not a member, nor was Finland. Was there no reason to think about defence …   ►

Will a Russian military alliance emerge?

We remember the Warsaw Pact from the Cold War, where the Soviet Union formed a defence alliance with the Eastern states occupied during World War II, as well as other Red nations. Today, Russia is not formally part of a larger military alliance, except with former Soviet states, but something like that could be created …   ►

Open borders in the shadow of Western decline

I will continue to discuss the concept of open borders, which was briefly mentioned in a previous article. We note that both leftists and libertarians are in favour of the idea. And the concept is well established in the minds of the ruling classes, as we see a huge number of migrants arriving in Western …   ►

Is Europe at risk of being left out of the multipolar order?

The United States, Russia and China are recognised as major powers, along with aspirants such as Japan, India and Brazil. We also have significant regional players such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Australia and others. European countries such as the UK, Germany and France are often included. The question is, what about Europe? And …   ►

Why is the Ukraine war so critical?

After numerous sanctions against Russia, billions in aid to Ukraine, and Western countries sending most of their arms supplies to Kiev, the war continues. And Ukraine is not making any progress, rather it is the Russians who are slowly but surely grinding down the Ukrainian army. Why are we spending so many resources and energy …   ►

The world is waiting patiently for Biden to retire. And for the West to become the West again.

The geopolitical entanglements of the past year are beginning to unravel. It all started when the Russians grew tired of the Ukrainians not honouring the two Minsk agreements, which involved leaving the Russian minority alone and some autonomy. The Russians took a limited force and went in to “scare” the Ukrainians to the negotiating table. …   ►

What if the US abandons Israel?

We know that the US, the world policeman, often abandons its war projects, from the Vietnam War to Afghanistan. Even countries like Korea have been partially abandoned, divided, with a frozen conflict. The behaviour has its reasons, probably often because the US cannot send and maintain huge armies across the globe. At best they can …   ►

Autonomy and statehood in a multipolar world

The world’s eyes are on Gaza, where Israeli aircraft are currently laying carpet bombs in response to Hamas’ lightning attack. Gaza is a small territory, about 40 kilometres long and less than 7 kilometres wide, bordering Egypt and Israel, with a population of about two million. However, Gaza does not border the West Bank, and …   ►

West before East

In the great game between nations and empires, I am of course in favour of the Western cultural sphere. The one based on the Western and Central European countries, and which partly opposes the Eastern European culture, including Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. The West has created a strong and extraordinarily successful civilisation; I need hardly …   ►