The political line of all parties

If we were to summarise post-war policies, three points stand out. We have had this agenda for 50-60 years now: Open borders It sounds unbelievable to many people, but the concept has crept into our everyday lives. We can hear it, for example, in John Lennon’s song Imagine, or from very different political camps such …   →

The lame right

Is the Swedish party SD some kind of paralysed and controlled opposition to all the leftist parties in Sweden? And even the Moderates’ promise of responsible immigration is becoming a punch in the air. We will probably end up with about 100,000 immigrants this year as well, if you add up all the sources (statistics …   →

The far-right is coming

Elon Musk recently wrote on X that: If maximizing free speech within the bounds of the law, a traditionally liberal value, is somehow “far right”, then I guess I am Musk has been mocked by the faux-liberal elite for allowing a broader debate on X than before. Even President Biden has promised to keep an …   →

On laws that lack popular support

It’s time to think about the new Swedish gender reassignment law, which is controversial to say the least, as it will make it easier for minors to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Or that trans women will be allowed into formerly female rooms. The whole area is complicated, as it is not really possible to change …   →

The transformation into a dependent and disempowered state

Those of us who have been around for a while may notice a pattern in how certain laws and regulations are implemented. The new criticised Swedish gender identity law is to be pushed through at any cost, and this is carried out by a center-right-wing government with nationalists as a supporting party. It is somewhat …   →

Joe Biden’s dictatorial tendencies

Joe Biden is a terrible president. Besides the fact that he is probably demented and can hardly give a speech, debate or even conduct a normal conversation, he uses the state apparatus to persecute and humiliate his political opponents. The proud American nation that had justice and freedom of speech written into its political foundation …   →

The European Union was a disaster from the start

We see protesting farmers all over Europe blocking roads and dumping manure. But they do not upset the unworldly and arrogant leadership in Brussels. Individual Europeans have little love for the EU project. Whilst many think the original idea is a good one, they are not willing to engage with the political issues or even …   →

Why is the Ukraine war so critical?

After numerous sanctions against Russia, billions in aid to Ukraine, and Western countries sending most of their arms supplies to Kiev, the war continues. And Ukraine is not making any progress, rather it is the Russians who are slowly but surely grinding down the Ukrainian army. Why are we spending so many resources and energy …   →

If integration does not work, is there any point in immigration?

The migration debate is largely about assimilation or integration, which means that immigrants adapt fully or partially to the new culture of the new country. They learn both language and customs. Integration is considered important. Both those in favour and against immigration are upset when people who have lived their whole life in the new …   →

Putin at odds with the West

The now-famous interview with Russian president Putin, published last week by Tucker Carlson, raises a number of questions for the average person. The first thing people think about is why Putin is being interviewed. Is it morally right? Should you interview a person like Putin? I would say that if you ask these questions, you …   →

Tyranny in progress

When our modern liberalism came into vogue, also known as social liberalism, it embraced equality, social safety nets and greater state responsibility. This happened in many countries (especially in Europe) after World War II and beyond. Liberalism became a kind of super-ideology, and there were international organisations that accelerated its progress, including the United Nations. …   →