When Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan meet, they talk about UFOs and the theory of evolution

When Tucker Carlson is interviewed by Joe Rogan, it’s a meeting of giants. They both represent the new alternative media and have far more viewers and followers than established channels such as CNN, Fox etc. Some say that both gentlemen now represent the actual mainstream of today rather than the emerging media channels. So what …   →

Name change

Everything has a beginning and an end, and maybe even a rebirth? Herewith we warmly hand over the blog to Fulvius Baxter, who will continue to run it with care and respect. Fulvius, the eternal adventurer and conservative cosmopolitan known for his striking pen and wide-ranging intellect. New times require new people, and new endeavours. …   →

While the koran burn

While an activist burned a Koran in Stockholm – and the whole Muslim world went ballistic, the Swedish government groveled, apologised and considered blasphemy laws – a lot else was happening too. Hunter, Joe Biden’s unhinged son, is becoming increasingly burdened with his business dealings in Ukraine and drug and sex parties. The business, which …   →

Trans, the new global mass movement

In recent years we have been haunted by eight global cyclical media mass movements. I refer to David Strömberg’s excellent thesis and article (in Swedish), with some additions and minor modifications. The mass movements are often cyclical, lasting 6-24 months, then a new cycle follows. They have a global impact. Society is also affected beyond …   →

Hate crime and hate incidents

Our Western governments, especially the one in the United Kingdom, are doing everything to depress the people and their right to speak freely. And it is done through so-called hate crime laws. A type of legislation that was initially considered to be good, because it is heartfelt and important to fight hatred against minorities, etc. …   →