When Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan meet, they talk about UFOs and the theory of evolution

When Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan meet, they talk about UFOs and the theory of evolution 1When Tucker Carlson is interviewed by Joe Rogan, it’s a meeting of giants. They both represent the new alternative media and have far more viewers and followers than established channels such as CNN, Fox etc. Some say that both gentlemen now represent the actual mainstream of today rather than the emerging media channels.

So what were they talking about? Rogan’s interviews often last more than two hours, and sometimes the conversations get really interesting.

Much of the initial phase of the interview was about UFOs. Carlson suggested that the saucers were not necessarily extraterrestrial, but perhaps spiritual beings that had been on Earth since ancient times. They also touched on the theory of evolution, and we realised that Carlson rejected it completely; he believed that adaptation could be demonstrated but not evolution, he believed that it was God who created animals and humans. Carlson also expressed strong scepticism about so-called artificial intelligence and jokingly said that instead of using atomic bombs in war, one should bomb the server halls where the AI’s programs are located. Of course, they talked about a lot of other things as well, the last hour was probably the most interesting with an alternative view on the Watergate scandal, but I’m picking these things up because they stand out a bit.

Two media giants meet and talk about UFOs and evolution for two hours, before they start talking seriously.

It reflects our times quite a bit. There are obviously two big camps nowadays, one that affirms woke, gender theories, progressivism and another that is more conservative and puts some energy into Christianity and alternative theories.

For many of us it will of course be difficult to choose sides, and distinguish one nutty person from the other.

In many contexts, I have great respect for Carlson, who raises many difficult issues and dares to portray them in his programmes, as does Rogan. But sometimes you get tired. I can also think that personal reflections can be interesting, but that they are best served by resting and maturing in the shadows before being released in a more thoughtful form.

I can certainly see myself re-evaluating the theory of evolution if other better theories emerge, as well as the unexplained objects that many see in the sky. Maybe they are extraterrestrial or spiritual, I have no idea. If they are spirits, many people wonder why they are travelling in craft that betray some kind of technology? But we can leave that discussion aside for now.

I feel more and more that the right-wing I represent does not have much in common with the conservative Christian right in the United States. I believe in development, progress, and yes, I am open to spirituality and curious about unexplainable things, but not necessarily as the church explains it. I see that Christianity has certainly done some good by creating cohesion and coherence for many people, but it has also put obstacles in the way of sensible scientists and philosophers.

I find it difficult to be labelled conservative, as I am progressive in terms of science and technological development. Although I can also be sceptical about AI myself. Not everything new is good, we don’t have to worship the gods of technology unconditionally. I am progressive in many areas, but in a different way than the left and the establishment. I don’t want to turn back the clock, but to travel into an aesthetically beautiful, safe and prosperous future. There are many difficult issues to resolve along the way. And those who, for whatever reason, don’t want to come along, or want to sabotage the journey, would rather we talk about UFOs and whether or not the theory of evolution is real. Outrageous questions, but harmless. Much like the perpetual rant about abortion, gun laws, trans issues, gender and so much more. They stir our emotions, divide people into different camps, but leave only emptiness behind. And we get nowhere.