While the koran burn

While the koran burn 1While an activist burned a Koran in Stockholm – and the whole Muslim world went ballistic, the Swedish government groveled, apologised and considered blasphemy laws – a lot else was happening too.

Hunter, Joe Biden’s unhinged son, is becoming increasingly burdened with his business dealings in Ukraine and drug and sex parties. The business, which involves a lot of money, also affects the father, who also had a Ukrainian prosecutor dismissed by threatening to withdraw aid. And now cocaine has also been found in the White House. Yes, it sounds like some kind of bad TV show.

The riots in France, which followed the death of a Muslim youth during a police raid, swept the country, leaving few shop windows intact, as well as fires, looting and violence. Some called the events protests, others civil war. Some blame the police for being too harsh and xenophobic, others for mass migration, unemployment and lawless parallel societies.

And the Ukrainian counter-offensive seems to have hit a veritable wall: for almost four weeks they have not been able to get more than a few hundred metres into no-man’s land. And this during a Russian coup d’état, a mutiny or a charade, depending on how you look at it. Where Putin’s chief cook and commander of the private Wagner units suddenly set off for Moscow; his mutiny, however, lasted only a few hours, no one sided with the bandit, and Putin was as safe as ever. The Wagners, who are a kind of foreign legion, are not allowed to fight on Russian soil, and they were relegated to Belarus, where they are even closer to Ukraine’s capital, Kiev.

That the vaccine imposed on many citizens during Covid is far from safe is also slowly being revealed, even by more traditional media. And that the lab leak in Wuhan was from a facility funded by Americans. Anyone who starts digging into the Covid mess realises that it is bottomless, and that no one will dig deep enough, there is too much money and prestige buried there.

News about UFOs is also in vogue, with all sorts of American military defectors now (too?) openly reporting that they have encountered crashed craft and are trying to copy the technology. Many of the strange objects reported by the public belong to the latter category, which the US military industry secretly develops and uses to transport children in a huge trafficking network in which the CIA is also involved.

It gets a bit crazy. It is important to distinguish what is nonsensical and what is not, which is not easy, but entirely possible.