Legal system

Violence against the host population

There are daily crimes against Swedes by migrant gangs – recently a father was shot by a gang member in front of his 12-year-old son. And many people react and are horrified. But we know that nothing will happen. Criminals will not be punished more severely, they will not be deported, controls on migrants will …   →

Trump – careless and a spy, or just a tactical move by his opponents?

Images of President Donald Trump storing secret papers in a bathroom at his Florida residence are spreading across the internet. The media is reporting a ‘historic indictment’, but few are analysing what it is really about. An American president has seen it all, he has been briefed on all the secrecy going on around the …   →

Bring in politicians from more suitable countries to govern Sweden

During the week, we were made aware of foreign gangs that have been wreaking havoc at Swedish amusement parks and funfairs; they spit, push their way through queues and threaten little girls. Without the security staff reacting significantly. Probably nothing new, but this time a father had the courage to stand up and tell the …   →

The return of the family and clan

The Taliban in Afghanistan (the very epitome of conservative and backward reactionaries) have a very developed and intricate system of clans. Ethnically, they belong to the Pashtuns, the dominant ethnic group in the country. And they can trace their origins back to ancient families and their respective groups and sub-groups. Justice is something that is …   →

Hate crime and hate incidents

Our Western governments, especially the one in the United Kingdom, are doing everything to depress the people and their right to speak freely. And it is done through so-called hate crime laws. A type of legislation that was initially considered to be good, because it is heartfelt and important to fight hatred against minorities, etc. …   →