Even more surveillance and control

Even more surveillance and control 1The controversial European Chat Control 2 law was passed quickly and quietly, without anyone noticing – just a handful of internet activists and dissidents. The law allows machine intelligence (AI) to automatically read through citizens’ electronic messages, pictures, etc. and allows client-side scanning, which in practice means spyware on your phone and computer.

The interplay between local parliaments, the European Parliament and the Commission makes it difficult for the general public to follow the game. There is also a tendency to sneak laws through by packing them in with other regulations, changing and tweaking them a bit if they are unpopular, and preferably doing this during the summer months when interest is possibly even lower. And this is not the first time this has happened.

Apart from the ridiculously obvious foul play, the obsessive zeal to regulate citizens to the point of absurdity, one marvels at the sheer audacity and arrogance of the Brussels bureaucrats. They do this without blinking, without remorse or conscience. Soon, all that will be left are social credit accounts where you suddenly can’t buy bread one day because you expressed something unpopular on Zuckerbook. It sounds bad, but things are really heading in the wrong direction. And the usual bloggers, tinfoil hats and errorists have been warning about this for decades, but no one is listening.

Why should our politicians control us? Shouldn’t we control them? Why this curiosity about citizens’ actions and behaviours? Will regulation solve any crimes or make society safer?

It’s been a long time since our politicians did something for the people, not against them. I can’t believe we vote for these people, time and time again. Tyranny can obviously arise even through democratic processes, general elections do not protect us from oppressors.