Russian naval bases near the US

Russian naval bases near the US 1The Russians are planning naval bases in Cuba and other Latin American countries, just a few miles from the US coast, and are currently conducting joint military exercises with nuclear-capable ships. At the same time, the Moscow Stock Exchange is banning the dollar and the euro; it is no longer possible to pay in these currencies. In addition, Saudi Arabia has cancelled the agreement to use only dollars when selling oil.

There is a lot going on now. Those who placed their bets on the United States losing its position as world leader may soon recoup their profits. It seems that President Biden and his administration are also working hard to sink their own country. Everything they have done so far, with the Ukraine war and the sanctions against Russia, has backfired and inevitably led to this. They always had the chance to repair relations with the BRICS countries, there have been openings and opportunities for peace agreements. But no, they chose to hit their heads against the wall, time after time instead.

The question is, why didn’t Putin plan naval bases with his allies in Central America earlier? In response to the US wanting to put nuclear weapons in Ukraine?

The Russians are making this counter move two years later.

If the penny doesn’t drop now, it never will. It gives a clue as to who really started this conflict, and who came along with weapons to a neighbouring country.

We live in dangerous times, where the slightest mistake can lead to a nuclear exchange. The US needs a way out of Ukraine, a way to leave the spectacle without losing face, but Putin seems unwilling to give it to them. The Russian army is taking village after village, not quickly, but steadily. And they are opening new fronts in the north. The Ukrainians are in retreat all along the line, except for occasional missile attacks targeting areas inside Russian territory, as a kind of retaliation.

Why the American Empire chose to dismantle itself is a question that will be debated at length.

They didn’t have to engage in pointless perpetual wars, increasing the national debt to astronomical levels, they could have created trade agreements with the Russians and the emerging economies to everyone’s benefit. Focused on building up their industry, infrastructure and stabilising the country and its borders. Instead, they chose to do the opposite.