Bring in politicians from more suitable countries to govern Sweden

Bring in politicians from more suitable countries to govern Sweden 1During the week, we were made aware of foreign gangs that have been wreaking havoc at Swedish amusement parks and funfairs; they spit, push their way through queues and threaten little girls. Without the security staff reacting significantly. Probably nothing new, but this time a father had the courage to stand up and tell the story. And there was a real storm in the duck pond, lots of comments on social media, and even reports in the state media.

What happens in amusement parks is similar to what happens in society at large. The fact that the events have not been brought up in the public debate until now is a symptom of extreme fear of conflict and a morbid consensus mentality.

Meanwhile, amusement parks in neighbouring Denmark have zero tolerance for disorder. As usual, Sweden is the worst in the class, both in large and small ways. If you can’t keep order in an amusement park, you probably can’t keep order in a whole country either.

Maybe we should outsource the Swedish government?

Probably some skilful and decent politicians from Hungary, Singapore or Japan could do a better job? Yes, when the Swedes themselves have failed so miserably, we should look for other alternatives. And it is not unusual historically to bring in a foreign ruler to run the country. Is it time again?

Perhaps it is somewhat of a contradiction to bring in foreigners to run the country when migration is such a big problem?

Certainly, but there is a difference in which foreigners we are talking about. We have more in common with Europeans than with the San people of southern Africa. Our culture and architecture is similar to that of other northern European countries, and certainly Swedish culture is a branch of the larger European historical tree. And it would not be at all strange, in times of need, to send a delegation of trusted people to fetch a new governor in Estonia, the Czech Republic or Poland or the like.

This government contractor would, of course, work on a commission basis, where various objectives are fulfilled in order to receive a set reward. Immigration policy, security, safety and the development of business and the dismantling of the high-tax society would be at the top of the agenda. The proposal is not as stupid as one might think – compared to the government in Sweden in recent years – in other words, it is ingenious.