Violence against the host population

Violence against the host population 1

There are daily crimes against Swedes by migrant gangs – recently a father was shot by a gang member in front of his 12-year-old son. And many people react and are horrified. But we know that nothing will happen. Criminals will not be punished more severely, they will not be deported, controls on migrants will not be tightened, immigration will not be reduced. Empty words and platitudes have become the hallmark of politicians.

100,000 people are admitted to Sweden every year, which is one million per decade. And background checks are sporadic. The migrants rarely have any sought-after education or valuable skills, they add nothing special, they are supported by taxpayers initially, and many continue to receive benefits for the rest of their lives.

The reception of refugees is fuelled by kindness and the desire to help. As a kind of degenerate free church activity. Where the upper class crybabies cherish those who live on the other side of the world but despise and ignore their neighbours. But few or none of the newcomers are real refugees. And if they were refugees, the strategy is to help them in the local area, rather than having to cross 9-10 borders to get to the Nordic region. Once the situation has calmed down in their home country, they return and rebuild their country. That was the idea once upon a time, and it seems reasonable and well thought out.

What we have today is a kind of population exchange where the Swedes also become prisoners in their own country, where they risk being subjected to violence in the public sphere, enslaved and forced to pay for the perpetrators’ subsistence. Parallels are sometimes drawn with the Soviet Union under Stalin, where serious criminals were let loose to terrorise the disarmed and well-behaved local population in order to control and break the people.

We don’t have to ignore background checks on migrants, and we don’t have to feed them, we don’t even have to let them in. Migration is a constructed political project. It could be ended here and now. And it is not very controversial to question it. Perhaps being casually called a racist by simple-minded left-wing activists is a small price to pay?

I am disappointed in the Swedish elite. And by elite I mean people with money, power and charisma. They do nothing. Our politicians are of course paralysed, they have been completely useless for decades, nobody expects anything anymore. But why doesn’t a director from a large company stand up and bang his fist on the table? – Enough is enough! Or a writer, journalist, actor or academic?

No, our elite is completely useless. They often go with the flow and sign meaningless lists and petitions, which are published in authorised newspapers, when the risk of losing reputation is low. No one dares to stand up for themselves when the chips are down.

Historically, what tends to happen in these circumstances is that ordinary people are forced to take up the misery. People who don’t have money, power or education. Or even the ability to deal with difficult things. But they do it anyway, because our leaders and prominent people don’t want to.

Such a process is called a paradigm shift. What happens in practice is that a new elite is created by the grassroots, and the old one is partially or fully replaced. Revolution is another name for this phenomenon.