Ideological and political self-torment

Ideological and political self-torment 1It is becoming increasingly clear that the West is heading for a self-inflicted crisis, not only economic but also cultural. Let’s sort it all out.

We have a serious demographic problem. The first thing people think about is immigration, or rather mass immigration. Hundreds of thousands of new inhabitants put society to the test, as infrastructure, jobs, healthcare facilities and much more are not in place. And immigration is a political project, there is nothing to say that we have to accept all these people and support them with taxpayers’ money. It is an ideological invention.

At the same time, a free and childless lifestyle is promoted for the native population. Excessive self-realisation and having fun is more important than taking responsibility and starting a family. Norm- and gender-dissolving ideologies are spread in media, advertising and films. And doesn’t it sound conservative and boring to point this out? But note that the birth rate in the West is steadily declining and starting to take on serious proportions.

The next problem is the rise in crime, which many say is a result of immigration, but that’s probably only half the story. If the police and prosecutors were doing their job, all these new gangsters, rapists and robbers would be behind bars. But that’s not really how it works anymore. It’s obvious how low the sentences are for this clientele, and soon they’re out on the streets again. And this is because the legal system sees the criminals as victims and is keen to see them released and eventually reintegrated into society. This area is also highly ideologised.

Then there is the problem of energy supply, even though we invented the perfect energy source, nuclear power, over 60 years ago. By confusing nuclear power with the threat of nuclear weapons, many people became very afraid, even though the problems of final storage and safety were solved a long time ago. The climate movement is doing everything it can to block not only efficient energy sources but everything else that can develop and enrich society. Instead, the result is more taxes and more regulation. This hostility to technology is also ideological in nature and is spread by both activists and politicians.

In addition, perpetual wars and world police ambitions damage the credibility of the West. The United States, the world’s leading economic and innovative force since World War II, is in decline. The Ukrainian conflict is slowly eroding the dollar’s unique position as a world currency. What began as a local dispute has escalated into what could be a third world war. The headless conflict has not only depleted NATO’s weapons stockpile, but also contributed to a Western-sceptical alliance of nations that trades in other currencies, and whose economy challenges the West. These developments are also political and fuelled by various actors.

All these political trends contribute to the decline of Western culture. Mass migration, lawlessness, lifestyle problems, energy problems, hostility to technology, corporate flight and pointless wars will lead to instability and eventually a crash. The only question is when? And as always, there will be winners and losers. If we do not stop these trends immediately, we will fall into the latter category. Our economy and our future prospects are actually good, paradoxically, if only we stopped the ideological and political self-torment.