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Russian naval bases near the US

The Russians are planning naval bases in Cuba and other Latin American countries, just a few miles from the US coast, and are currently conducting joint military exercises with nuclear-capable ships. At the same time, the Moscow Stock Exchange is banning the dollar and the euro; it is no longer possible to pay in these …   ►

The non-Christian right

It has become something of a trend for people with right-wing or conservative views to cultivate a Christian identity, sometimes even converting to Catholicism or Orthodoxy. Perhaps it is a search for roots, a fixed point of reference, or both? The caricature of the right-winger is that he is anti-abortion, a gun owner, a lifestyle …   ►

Striving for a normal society is right-wing extremism

Striving for a normal society has become right-wing extremist. Anyone who wants border controls, sustainable immigration, low taxes, and advocates local culture is now considered a far-right figure. And that is of course crazy and wrong. It’s the other way round, uncontrolled mass immigration, waste and unbridled acceptance of foreign cultures is the extreme position. …   ►

Progress for the Swedish left in the European Parliament

Much to the delight of the establishment, the Swedish right wing retreated in the European elections. There is even talk of a historic failure for the Sweden Democrats. Instead, the Social Democrats advanced, as did the Moderates and the Green Party as the third strongest party. It is strange that the Green Party (which has …   ►

They are all Russian bastards

Western Europeans have long harboured a kind of suspicion and sometimes disgust for everything east of Berlin. The endless steppes and the land of the mad horse people, uncivilised, inhospitable, debauched and remote. For various reasons we have repeatedly attacked and tried to tame the savage peoples over there. The Napoleonic Wars, the Crimean War …   ►

The impossible presidential election

Joe Biden has problems, his dementia is starting to become more apparent, he rambles and has difficulty speaking coherently, and there are rumours that he has pooped his pants in public. The idea that he can hang on and manage the presidential campaign until November is looking less and less credible. How will he even …   ►

Why didn’t the Swedes join NATO already after the Second World War?

Many were surprised by the Swedish rush to join NATO, which took place without a referendum or in-depth debate. Why now, one wonders? NATO was formed as a defence alliance against the Soviet Union during the Cold War, when Sweden was not a member, nor was Finland. Was there no reason to think about defence …   ►

Full banana republic

What if the US has always been a banana republic? The country’s industrial success at the turn of the last century was perhaps due to huge untapped raw material resources in the form of oil, metals, forests, etc. Low hanging fruit. All the science and progress thereafter was made by smart European migrants and their …   ►

The organisations that rule the world

We are seeing large protests in Georgia. Few know what it’s really about, but the media say the current government has passed a ‘pro-Russia-law’ that will make EU membership more difficult for the small country. It is actually about regulating foreign organisations. The new law requires media and non-governmental organisations to register as foreign agents …   ►

Will a Russian military alliance emerge?

We remember the Warsaw Pact from the Cold War, where the Soviet Union formed a defence alliance with the Eastern states occupied during World War II, as well as other Red nations. Today, Russia is not formally part of a larger military alliance, except with former Soviet states, but something like that could be created …   ►

Stupid or malicious, that is the question?

I was discussing with a friend who was going to New York. He had received several warnings against walking around alone at night, or visiting bad neighbourhoods, because of the flood of illegal immigrants into the US. He exclaims in the middle of the discussion: “Can’t we just turn them into legal immigrants anyway, who …   ►