Taxes, subsidies

Swedes have been funding their own misery

Taxation is a hot topic in politics, with some calling for higher taxes and others for lower ones. It is seen as a matter of freedom on the one hand, and shared responsibility on the other. One thing that most people agree on is that taxes should go back to the citizens. Taxes should be …   ►

Is the high-tax society systemic?

Sweden has been a high-tax society since the 1970s. The sharp increase in taxes came as a response to industrial closures and the resulting unemployment. The high taxes became permanent, and finally put the nail in the coffin of the laissez-faire and low-tax policy that made Sweden prominent from around 1870 onwards. It was not …   ►

Should everyone have the right to vote?

Mob rule is a degenerate state of governance, when democracy is overpowered and the majority can vote to torment the minority by stealing their tax money, giving them inferior rights or other injustices. We must realize that even if we hold our democratic system high, the majority should not be able to do what it …   ►