Swedes have been funding their own misery

Swedes have been funding their own misery 1Taxation is a hot topic in politics, with some calling for higher taxes and others for lower ones. It is seen as a matter of freedom on the one hand, and shared responsibility on the other. One thing that most people agree on is that taxes should go back to the citizens.

Taxes should be used for police, defence, education, healthcare, infrastructure, etc. And all this benefits the citizens. In addition, there is a whole range of different benefits and insurances, which are also distributed to citizens in the event of unemployment, loss of income due to illness, childbirth, etc.

However, when a population is highly taxed, there is an increasing risk of waste, fraud and corruption.

The issue here is, of course, that the tax money does not benefit the citizens, but ends up in the pockets of others. The classic example is the military, which constantly needs to buy equipment at ever-increasing prices. Citizens find it difficult to control all this spending, and whether or not it is necessary; there is of course a risk that politicians and arms manufacturers will leave the party with their pockets full.

The construction sector, with its constant delays and rising costs, is also a potential source of waste and fraud, as state or municipal actors build with taxpayers’ money. The rapidly growing asylum industry in recent years is also a source of fraud and misappropriation of taxpayers’ money. Many of those arriving are not genuine refugees, and they arrive under false pretences, with poor verification of identity and origin. In particular, accommodation, food, clothing, etc. are provided by private operators, but paid for by taxpayers. And here you can really say that the tax money does not go back to the citizens, and not even to help others, as many asylum seekers are not refugees.

There is often talk of the need for a broader discussion about what the tax money should actually be used for?

Well, we already know what the tax money should be used for. It’s really quite clear. However, we have been bad at controlling and demanding proper accounting of our money. Perhaps we have even ignored the fact that politicians have cheated with our hard-earned money? We don’t want to make trouble and be a nuisance.

Finally, there is no point in having a tax burden of over 50% when large parts of the money are not used properly, or even end up in the pockets of profiteers. This should really worry Swedes.

The societal changes and decay we see today are directly financed with the citizens’ tax money. The Swedes have funded their own misery and destruction, malicious tongues would say; and maybe there is something to it?