Negligence or crime?

Negligence or crime? 1Several articles and books have been written about waste of tax assets in Sweden. It’s about politicians using tax money for lots of unnecessary projects, everything from empty sports facilities, theme parks, strange art etc.

Also important government schemes tend to be expensive and prolonged. There is a ghost in the machinery, most politician driven project are in fact overpriced and delayed. And I’m not exaggerating, this is a fundamental problem in society.

Is it about negligence? Is it incompetence, poor planning or too naive attitude? Unfortunate politicians?

Or is it about crime? Theft and fraud against the taxpayers? Money that could have gone to hospitals, health care, pensions, the judiciary, to schools, and to help get a better start in the lives of our children?

But no, the money went to a new logo, or a new venture to put the municipality on the map, some diversity project, justice certification, or simply an extra zero on the bill, just because municipal and state procurement is bureaucratic and ineffective.

A constant stream of naive politicians and decisions? Just bad luck?

Or serious crime, negligence and fraud in the billion class?