The tone and the glance

The tone and the glance 1Fighting for justice is the finest thing there is. Already in the school books we raise people like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Oskar Schindler and Mother Theresa.

Leonidas, Henry VIII, and Patton are not as hot. They are mostly described as murderers, even though we might have been lost without them. They are certainly killers, for good and evil, they are also rescuers and defenders. Although in the post-modern school books we gladly skip them.

No, justice is the word for our time. We are all justice warriors, the world must be constantly improving. There is always a little injustice left somewhere, and when they are solved – we find new ones.

Finally we end up in today’s situation where it becomes important with the tone, the glance, how you sit, that you do not have the wrong message on the t-shirt or cap etc. etc. Minor wrongdoings can create social earthquakes and demands for exclusion and punishment. The social justice generals are increasing in number, in schools, workplaces and in the private.

All this while there are real blasts and serious violent crimes out on the streets, somewhere else, at a comfortable distance from our introverted mirror room.

Personally, I think there is only a certain type of people who can put up with the war of justice. The rest either passively watch or leaves the party. Those who leave often have, problematic values, murky perception ​​and vote populist. They do certainly not read New York Times. We all know who they are, and what they are doing. The world is divided.

While membership in the justice crowd gives quick kicks from the rest of the activists. Tell us that you are skipping the meat, selling the car and starting cycling, that you climate-compensated the holiday trip. Instead of a birthday present, start a fund-raiser for an orphanage in Bolivia and spread on social media. Giving money to the orphanage in silence is not an option. We need lots of likes, lots of confirmation. Seeee me! I’m doing something good.