Introvert era of psychologists and yogis

Introvert era of psychologists and yogis 1

On a daily basis, we can read about the US President Donald Trump’s mental state, written by people who doesn’t know him, or never even met him. They are neither psychologists nor psychiatrists, yet they attribute various diagnoses to the president on social media and other media channels.

Trump is considered to suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder, as well as megalomania, he is a sadist, etc., etc. This is the writings of ordinary people or semi-educated journalists who sit and think big in their small chambers. Nor do they seem to have a clue about politics or society. In a way, it’s all a bit funny, but the magnitude and the bottomless stupidity of their guesswork make ones jaw drop.

Since the end of the 1960s we have entered an introvert era. I have written about this several times before, and even the PayPal founder Peter Thiel describes the phenomenon in a similar way. A brief explanation; we are no longer scientists and astronauts who lead humanity forward to new adventures – but psychologists and yogis who strive for a strange inner journey. We do not ask “what have you been doing lately”? Instead we ask “how are you feeling“?

Almost all technological innovations strive inward, social media, computer games, the entertainment industry, etc. We have still not built a fusion reactor, and that trip to Mars is likely to take some time. The inner journey is more important. There seems to be an endless interest in yoga, alternative medicine, spirituality, soulfulness, relationships, dietary advice, the environment, sustainability, entertainment, drugs, music and idol worship etc.

The strange thing is that all these new soft and complex people are so infernally evil.

If someone does not agree, but is of a different opinion, then she is probably sick. Opponents of opinion are often attributed to some kind of diagnosis taken from the world of psychiatry. There was a similar attitude towards dissidents in the old communist dictatorships, where people could end up in mental hospitals just because of their opinions, but we have not come that far yet.

When Donald Trump is infected with corona, many soulful people want him to die. This is openly and proudly declared on social media channels without censorship or warnings. Because everyone knows that the president is a psychotic, Nazi, fascist, and that he is building concentration camps along the border to Mexico, that he is always ready to start a war and nuke the whole world. You know that. This is the way things are. This is the mental projection of Trump and his work. Everyone has the right to their own truth, their own reality, as long as it agrees with the worldview of the yogis.

Donald Trump has clearly contributed to a better economic climate, with lower taxes and lower unemployment, and he warned early on about the corona and he wanted to close the borders with China. These things do not exist in the enlightened mental picture. Also the fact that he does not expand the US military, but instead ends wars and takes home troops, most recently from Germany. In addition, he has pushed China for better and more lucrative trade agreements. As well as contributing to lower illegal immigration, with a focus on legal productive migrants. In reality, a powerful president who keeps his election promises, but based on the mental state of the Western world a mentally ill and dangerous fool.