On laws that lack popular support

It’s time to think about the new Swedish gender reassignment law, which is controversial to say the least, as it will make it easier for minors to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Or that trans women will be allowed into formerly female rooms. The whole area is complicated, as it is not really possible to change …   →

On food craze, consumerism, everyday stress and more

There is much to complain about in society, often including ideologies and systemic failures. It’s almost as if we want to elevate the problems so high that it seems unreasonable for a simple person to solve them. Maybe it feels better? Maybe it’s a way to avoid potential liability? And I am the first to …   →

The walk – underestimated, forgotten and ridiculed

I like walking, and have been doing it for a long time, from long walks in Stockholm to beach walks in faraway lands. Many people put on their tracksuits and jog as an excuse to get outside, or go for a bike ride at breakneck speed along newly constructed bike lanes. You kind of have …   →

Covid-19 and the conspiracy theories

I am amused by the myths and mysteries of the past. And today’s conspiracy theories can usefully be seen as our equivalent to these phenomena. Often there is some sort of basis for the ideas, but they are embroidered, and presented as if they were planned and put forward by a number of conspirators. This …   →

Introvert era of psychologists and yogis

On a daily basis, we can read about the US President Donald Trump’s mental state, written by people who doesn’t know him, or never even met him. They are neither psychologists nor psychiatrists, yet they attribute various diagnoses to the president on social media and other media channels. Trump is considered to suffer from a …   →