Whistleblower tells of crashed alien crafts

Whistleblower tells of crashed alien crafts 1David Charles Grusch, an Afghan war veteran and intelligence officer reveals that US authorities have encountered alien craft and similar objects, and have a number in their custody.

He doesn’t say much more than that, there is no hard evidence presented in the form of photographs or the like, nor is it clear whether Grusch has personally seen the objects with his own eyes or only knows about them from documents or secondary sources.

We are getting used to this kind of thing; in recent years, US authorities have presented films of fighter jets chasing strange objects. Donald Trump also launched a kind of space force to protect us from external threats. I think many people are beginning to accept the idea that there is something out there, for real, and that we may need to take some (unclear) action.

The question is what is all this really about?

Have US authorities been hiding alien crafts from the public for decades? Are they studying them, copying their advanced technology in order to build similar craft themselves?

This has been a staple of many so-called conspiracy theories since the 1950s. Many, of course, dismiss this as pure nonsense. If someone has access to this sophisticated technology, how come we still only have primitive rockets instead of more sophisticated vehicles? Why haven’t we continued to visit the moon, or sent expeditions to the other planets?

In general, most of the developments of the last 50 years have taken place in the processor industry, where we are constantly creating faster devices. So it is rarely new innovations that see the light of day nowadays, but what we see are improvements within a narrow area. Had we been able to investigate an interstellar vehicle, it should offer more interesting technology, not only in terms of computing power, but also advances in mechanics, aviation, propulsion, energy production, etc.

On the other hand, this is not a watertight argument against the possibility that extraterrestrial vehicles are in storage somewhere. It could be that the scientists who have been granted access do not understand a single thing about the alien technology. Or that it is extremely complicated, difficult to understand and moves very slowly. Perhaps our acceleration in semiconductor technology is just scratching the surface? Another variant is that scientists have not been allowed to examine the crafts. For some reason, the authorities have kept the lid on.

Another objection to the idea that we have alien craft in custody is why hasn’t the advanced civilisation taken them back? Surely it shouldn’t be difficult, given that they can build interstellar vehicles? Imagine their weapons and military resources. And if so, have they given them to us? Left them for us to study? The most imaginative theory would be that representatives from Earth made some kind of agreement with the aliens. I’ve written more about the visitors and their possible origins here.

Some people believe that the US authorities are using controlled leaks to take our minds off the Ukraine conflict, Covid, BLM or whatever is going on at the moment. A kind of media distraction to shift the focus from one world event to another. And the war in Ukraine is not going well right now. The blowing up of the dam was also strange, as only a few months ago Ukrainian spokespeople were openly discussing blowing it up, and firing missiles at the floodgates to test the structure. This was delivered in an open conversational tone, unlike the vehement condemnation of the dam blast in the media today, and the unanimous labelling of Russia as the sole perpetrator, despite the fact that the dam was on Russian-controlled territory. It is hard to follow the media logic, and possibly even harder to follow what is happening in the UFO field.