People’s total disinterest in freedom and privacy issues, especially on the internet

Apart from a few oddballs, few people are upset by the European Commissions plans to control and monitor our online activities. And since most things are now connected online, the regulations affect the bulk of our communications – emails, chats, video calls, but also regular phone calls. All conversations are monitored and filtered in various …   ►

A lying AI

Firstly, I think it is an insult to artificial intelligence to call today’s chatbots this. They are at best cleverly designed software and at worst propaganda machines. Even when they were launched a few years ago, they showed signs of censorship and adaptation to the current social climate. For example, when I asked ChatGTP whether …   ►

Whistleblower tells of crashed alien crafts

David Charles Grusch, an Afghan war veteran and intelligence officer reveals that US authorities have encountered alien craft and similar objects, and have a number in their custody. He doesn’t say much more than that, there is no hard evidence presented in the form of photographs or the like, nor is it clear whether Grusch …   ►

The aircraft that became a bird’s nest

I like to look up obscure videos on Youtube that coincide with my own interests. It’s as far from linear TV as you can get; it’s often about enthusiasts talking in detail about various things, it’s not uncommon to have two-hour explanations and discussions. You avoid the choppy, time-pressed format and can sink into a …   ►

Signs in the sky

From being regarded as a hobby for crackpots, UFOs are now back in fashion. The US military has lifted the secrecy seal on some interesting cases, and several prominent newspapers have taken up the subject in a slightly more serious manner. These unexplained phenomena have often been linked to the military, from the so-called Foo-fighter …   ►

Do we need government in the 21st century?

The government, in its original form, provided military, judiciary and administration. The aristocracy collected taxes from the commoners and promised defence in the event of war. Over time, the government was increasingly transformed into a type of insurance company, where most of the budget goes to social protection, such as unemployment benefit, parental allowance, child …   ►