The do nothing president?

The do nothing president? 1From the political right, the sabers are now being sharpened against Trump. He was the president who had a unique chance, but he failed, he did nothing. Biden and his men may not agree, as they have large piles of decrees in front of them, to restore their order and end Trump’s changes.

In any case, perhaps we should still realize that the right had a rare opportunity with Trump. A chance that may never come again?

Probably he should have drained the swamp at a faster pace, replaced all leftists with his own, and thus sealed power over the administration. And consequently neutralized media and technology companies, which in the end are still always dependent on societal trends and the goodwill of the state.

But it did not work, it stopped somewhere. Even though the former president was a loud mouth, he played the game too nicely. The new administration is not as compliant, they will do anything to erase Trump’s deeds and memory. Maybe they will even prosecute him for something made up afterwards?

I get the feeling that Trump was fed up. It is a fairly common phenomenon in entrepreneurs and wild brains. – What is the next project? Shall we do something new?

And another thing that many forget is that the president is hardly sovereign. And many Republicans are globalists. Trump has since day one been beaten on two fronts, as he is in the real sense neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but represents a new order, much like a third party. Stretching out and forming (unholy) alliances has not really been his strength.

Strictly speaking, Trump followed Machiavelli. He made friends with the people. If you are friends with the people, you do not have to anoint the aristocracy and follow their whims. We remember all the popular popular campaigns he conducted around the United States, where thousands of people flocked.

Maybe we (the people) have become puppies, and that’s where the problem lies? Machiavelli’s thesis probably only applies when the people have the torches, pitchforks and crossbows ready in the basement. This is still the case in some states, but the reverse is true in large parts of the world. Passivated, TV-watching, porn-consuming, computer-playing, overweight, ignorant pea-brains let the modern aristocracy do exactly what it wants.

I personally agree that Trump was probably the only chance the right had, for quite some time to come. Or is he like John in the New Testament, a harbinger and inspirer, for someone much stronger and powerful to enter the stage? At least a dream, for those who want to continue dreaming.