Progress for the Swedish left in the European Parliament

Progress for the Swedish left in the European Parliament 1Much to the delight of the establishment, the Swedish right wing retreated in the European elections. There is even talk of a historic failure for the Sweden Democrats. Instead, the Social Democrats advanced, as did the Moderates and the Green Party as the third strongest party.

It is strange that the Green Party (which has helped to ruin Sweden’s historically superior energy system) would get so many votes. The same party has also been a driving force behind mass migration and the idea of open borders.

In light of this, a vote for the Green Party seems like an act of national suicide. Sure, you can think about improving the environment, but it’s a bit backwards in Sweden, because we already have a very strict environmental policy, effective waste sorting, and previously fossil-free power plants. Improving the environment in the world’s most environmentally friendly country may not be easy, and may not even be desirable in this situation, as we have so many other problems. Why people vote for the Green Party is a mystery.

But the Social Democrats and the Moderates have also been driving the establishment policies that have made Sweden poor and insecure. They have always made conscious choices that have led us straight to the situation we are experiencing today. So, we can assume that Swedes are happy and content, and want more left-wing policies?

The situation is different in Europe, where the right has made progress, which has led to Macron dissolving parliament and calling new elections. In Germany, too, we are seeing a shift in power from left to right. Europeans are tired of years of mass migration and all the challenges it brings, they are looking for a different political direction, they don’t want our continent to be a giant refugee camp. Many young people do not even understand what we are doing? Destabilising our societies with foreign religions and cultures, imported violence, insecurity and crime. Why is this happening? Is it a manifestation of post-Christian guilt? Grandiose ideas about helping and improving the world? But if it doesn’t work, should we just bang our heads on the tiles once again and continue with the same policies?

Many countries in Europe want a different strategy, a different direction. But not Sweden. The election results are telling: Swedes want more migration and climate policy. And they will get it.