Striving for a normal society is right-wing extremism

Striving for a normal society is right-wing extremism 1Striving for a normal society has become right-wing extremist. Anyone who wants border controls, sustainable immigration, low taxes, and advocates local culture is now considered a far-right figure. And that is of course crazy and wrong. It’s the other way round, uncontrolled mass immigration, waste and unbridled acceptance of foreign cultures is the extreme position. There is not much to discuss there.

What is normal and reasonable has become ugly. No wonder that people are losing interest in social issues, that contempt for politicians is spreading, and that so-called populism is growing like crazy. The only way to make an impact these days is to park your tractor outside the Parliament and throw faeces outside. Nobody listens, nobody cares, and general elections produce nothing but parties patting each other on the back.

The question is, why have large sections of the political establishment become extreme? Why do they cling to extreme positions?

Many politicians do not want to lose face. Elected officials from both sides of the spectrum have been pushing multicultural policies for many years now, and they may not dare to admit they were wrong. A strange reason to run a country into the ground, because some in the elite do not want to admit their mistakes? Is that even reasonable? Can people be so self-absorbed and stupid?

Or is it part of some kind of evil plan? It’s done on purpose, to thin out the Western population and pour in people from the Middle East and Africa. But what is the purpose? Just to create chaos? Even the conspiratorial elite must have somewhere to live, after all they are destroying their own countries, cities and neighbourhoods. The conspiracy theory is hard to digest.

It started with the idea that we would save all the world’s refugees by inviting them to our homes – a mathematical impossibility, of course. There are also theories that big business wants to dump wages on the labour market with cheap imported labour. And a way to keep our ageing societies going, when we ourselves are not reproducing enough. Or that immigrants are here to create a new underclass, who will vote for their benefactors, the established parties.

None of these ideas take into account culture, that a country won’t stay the same if its population is sprinkled with people from other cultures. New temples will be built, new customs introduced, other languages spoken in the streets. Multicultural countries will change radically, perhaps even the purpose of immigration (whatever that is) will shift. The very basis on which society is built will change. We will have new political parties, new institutions, and thus new laws, rules, economies and labour markets.

Perhaps the multiculturalists could not have imagined this development? They thought that immigrants would assimilate into the local culture and become part of the citizenry? That they would slowly adopt local customs, dialects and manners. That people are interchangeable. That a person from any place on earth can be moved anywhere in the world and adapt quickly after a few years. That everyone is a potential Westerner at heart, who just needs a helping hand to find their way. That our culture is self-evident and unshakeable?

Of course, that’s not the case. We are a tiny minority of the world’s 7 billion inhabitants. All grandiose ideas of world improvement and goodness become absurd from that perspective. How is this tiny population going to save the earth, by offering everyone else to move to their country? And then when the situation becomes untenable, they become paralysed and retreat into a fantasy world. You smear people with perfectly normal and reasonable ideas. The bubble must not burst. Everything will be fine, you hear in unison, over and over again. Everything will be fine.