Gynocracy 1Words and tone are increasingly important, so that we don’t hurt or say something that could be offensive. As if middle-aged women were running the world from a perpetual coffee run. I don’t know how we got here, but we now live in a Gynocracy.

And it’s not enough to avoid or warn against people, books or phenomena that express themselves “inappropriately”, no, now they are to be censored.

I am thinking of the books of the author Roald Dahl which are being reviewed by so-called sensitivity readers hired by his publishers, who are removing expressions that are no longer considered appropriate. Words like ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ have been removed altogether, and changes have also been made to subjects like gender, race and mental health.

I thought literature was supposed to challenge and question things? That was one of Roald Dahl’s hallmarks. But, no, how wrong I was. The new Puritans don’t want sharp edges and rough surfaces, they want everything to be soft, fluffy and inclusive.

In a way, I think it’s good that the enemy in this culture war is showing its true face. Yes, they want to smash and ruin, imagine nothing else, for they can create nothing themselves. And Roald Dahl’s books are only a small part of it all, they have already put the scissors into many other creations and imaginary worlds to refine them to their own taste.

Forget the neo-left, the woke and the gender-benders. That’s just the surface fluff. Actually, it’s about not pissing off the effeminate mob. Welcome to the dictatorship of the over-sensitive nannies; fold your collar, straighten your back, and no swearing. Woe to anyone who doesn’t do as they say. Gynocracy demands blind obedience, there are no excuses, and the rules can be changed at any time, expect no logic; such manly nonsense.