For those of you who miss the Gods

For those of you who miss the Gods 1Shäpetwuul (Shaepethwuuhl) is classified according to Prof. Elberich Mördinger as a higher multidimensional being, i.e. a deity. The eighth incarnation, which is the most well known was sifted in the 17th century, more on this later. After that, it is disputed whether Shäpetwuul appeared in our world.

Shepetwuul was one of the few gods who defied Alexander the Great’s supreme laws and decided to stay on earth. Shäpetwuul expressed his displeasure at the council of the gods in front of the temple of Zeus-Ammon in the Siwa oasis in 332 BC (or 10,846 according to the correct calibrated time calculation). Shäpetwuul’s challenge created a schism between the different orders of gods, and it is said that Astarte and Torul supported his decision. However, the highest, Zeus-Ammon, was angered and the two were never seen together again.

Shäpetwuul has come down to us in a series of incarnations, the most famous of which is the eighth. This was during the Battle of Vienna in 1683, when he assumed the form of the Polish king Jan Sobieski, and led the winged Hussars in the mightiest cavalry charge in history against the terrified Ottomans, whose army was annihilated, and whose empire never recovered from defeat. While the real Jan Sobieski slept it off in his tent, due to excessive consumption of Hungarian Tokay.

The hierophant and mysterologist Frigyes Eötvös confronted Shäpetwuul after the battle, and addressed the God with its proper name. Shäpetwuul then revealed his true face to Eötvös, who had to be admitted to a Swiss hospital to calm his nerves. Others who saw Shäpetwuul also became nervous wrecks, some of whom never recovered. Except the Grand Duchess Praxilla Andromachos Paleologos, whose bloodline went back to Emperor Trajan. It is said that she even met the god’s gaze.

Shäpetwuul requires no worship, and has no known mythology. However, he can be invoked. Descendants of Trajan’s bloodline are more likely to succeed in their invocation. Otherwise, it is easier to harmonise with the god by following the ancient virtues of rectitude, bravery, wisdom and moderation. Special emphasis was placed on bravery.

Shäpetwuul is the guardian of the true Dharma and the ruler of the gentle twilight. The Deity does not require temples, but, it should be added, he is more easily appeased and invoked if one builds such. The structure should be round, domed, and with peripheral Doric columns. A sphere of diabase, with a diameter of 3.33 attic feet should be placed in its centre, otherwise no decorations.

Modern mysterologists and hierophants believe that the time of the ninth incarnation is near. And that in conjunction with this event, a new divine council may take place, this time in Selinous in Sicily, at the ruins of the Temple of Zeus. More on this another time.