Titles, orders and seals

Titles, orders and seals 1This phenomenon may be fading now, but some individuals still want to be called specific pronouns, often linked to a certain gender perception. In Sweden, the term hen is sometimes used, and in the US, She/They, He/They, etc. Being called something incorrectly is considered malicious and provokes upset feelings.

I can’t help but think of old-fashioned titles, where dignitaries wanted to be called Baroness, Your Highness, Your Royal Highness, etc. It was also a complicated system, and you had to watch your tongue and not say the wrong thing. Anyone who did not keep up with the titles was considered to be rude, uneducated and socially excluded, perhaps even given a slap with a cane. The similarities are striking.

In addition to the pronoun situation, there is also a bureaucratic version of the whole thing. Municipalities and companies now feel compelled to be certified. These include gender certification, climate certification, fairness labels, environmental and ecological labels, etc. All these stamps and approvals cost money, of course, and sometimes staff even have to undergo tests and training.

The procedure can be compared to the guilds of the Middle Ages, where different associations controlled the labour market. They decided who could work in a profession, and they decided where, when and how, and what the final product should look like. The role goes beyond that of today’s trade unions, seeking to control markets and production.

Even large companies feel compelled to get all the right stamps and behave properly, and invest appropriately in other authorised companies. When hiring new employees, it is important to be inclusive, which means looking at gender, orientation and ethnic markers instead of merit. Of course, the guilds want to get their members into all the big and powerful companies so that they can be controlled even more.

The activists have no real drive to make the companies better or make more money, it is mostly about corrupting and grabbing as much as possible, and then leaving the companies bleeding and plundered.

The modern aristocracy then moves on to the next company or organisation and spreads its poison. The original purpose was to improve the world and make people aware of climate crises, gender power structures, and structural and ethnic injustices. Nowadays it is mostly big business. A pseudo-capitalist justice movement that spreads like a virus, making everything wither. It feeds on other people’s money and creativity, because it can’t create anything itself, only pollute and destroy.