Things that are classy when the rich do it, but shabby when the poor do it

Things that are classy when the rich do it, but shabby when the poor do it 1There is a difference between people and people, whether you are eccentric or a babbling fool, a collector or hoarder, etc. Often it depends on your position in society, whether you are rich and have a long list of powerful ancestors, or a poor man with no connections.

Here’s a list of things that are classy when the rich and sophisticated do it, but considered sleazy when a poor person does the same:

  • Owning a lot of old cars
  • Being eccentric (crazy)
  • Growing a mustache without a beard
  • Letting others raise the children
  • Dress in old clothes
  • Unrenovated houses
  • Organising the wedding party at home
  • Collecting old things
  • Walk around all day in a dressing gown
  • Avoiding tax
  • Have many pets
  • Make your own liquor
  • Believe in Jesus
  • Have multiple relationships and children in different places
  • Collect weapons
  • Do nothing
  • Shoot animals in the garden
  • Big gold signet ring
  • Interrupting people and talking loud
  • Bilingualism
  • Drinking in the middle of the day
  • Challenge someone to a duel
  • Marrying someone 15 years younger
  • Great interest in wine
  • Marriage of convenience
  • Eating food that smells funny
  • Talking to your lawyer
  • Over-interested in the military
  • Trying to influence the judiciary
  • Gambling money away
  • Clan mentality



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