The new Europe

The new Europe 1

By now, most people have realized that the EU is a colossal failure. We sit and wait for the euro to crash, and for the EU to land in yet another economic crisis that is currently spreading. And this time it will be more serious, with electricity shortages and perhaps even rationing of food and supplies.

How it could be like this – in one of the world’s most developed and richest regions, with the best universities with well-educated and wise citizens – is partly an enigma, and a subject to return to.

But now we are at the end of the road; if we manage to keep the EU together this winter, maybe there is hope for a little while longer, but its time is up, the house of cards is about to fall.

These dystopian thoughts are now shared by most people. Even those who are in favour of the EU are skeptical at heart, unsure whether the leadership in Brussels will really be up to the challenges.

But what if European cooperation has a future? What if the EU is just the beginning of something else?

The EU started partly at the initiative of the US, which wanted a united Europe to talk to. Occupied Germany would be rebuilt, friendship and trade would develop with France and the other nations. A European collaboration that slowly developed into a federation. Like a copy of the United States, which is also a union or federation of states.

Now Europe is not America, and the way of building the European Community did not work.

But what would happen if countries like Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy etc took the initiative within the EU? What if power shifted from the West to Central Europe? With a more anti-federalist mindset? Instead of Brussels, we get Budapest?

The new EU would be more of a confederation than a union, which means that the member states will have more to say, and the central government will lose importance, but free trade and other economic promotion agreements will be retained. The euro is abolished and replaced by national currencies, countries deal with mass immigration and other internal problems, taxes and fees are cut to increase competitiveness, and a re-industrialization of Europe begins. And as I touched on earlier, our continent has some of the sharpest minds on the planet, our success depends mostly on ourselves, and our inherent will.

This kind of development is absolutely possible in a multipolar world, where there are several great powers that settle the agenda, and not just one superpower, as well as vassal states with pretend politicians. And we are entering the multipolar era by leaps and bounds. In this new world, Europe could be one of these great powers. Maybe the leading one?