Political ideology in the age of lies

Political ideology in the age of lies 1Italy’s Prime Minister Meloni ran on a platform of reducing immigration and strengthening Italian family ties. But this was a lie, and it wasn’t many months before the mass influx of refugees continued. And the promised local initiatives are likely to be delayed.

The same thing happened in the US. Biden promised improvement after the terrible Trump’s presidency. The rogue property magnate who brought the country to ruin, almost launched a coup d’état and risked a third world war.

It wasn’t many months before Biden continued with the perpetual wars around the world. And if Trump was accused of wanting to start a third world war, Biden has succeeded so much better and come even closer. The country is divided, the economy is poor, there is little investment in developing infrastructure and creating jobs at home. Instead, the increasingly strange adventures abroad continue. You can think what you want about the US interfering in local conflicts around the world, but it is very rare that they come up with peace negotiations and diplomacy instead of arms deliveries.

And in Sweden we have the Social Democrats, who since the 1920s have promised a paradise for the country’s workers. And perhaps they were well on their way? But somewhere it went very wrong. Now Swedish workers are supporting the world’s refugees and migrants who have been attracted to the country by means of easily accessible subsidies. What this has to do with labour policy is probably only known to the Social Democrats themselves.

Promises, promises and promises. Big and sweeping ideological brush strokes. And then they do the opposite.

This seems to be the song of the new century. We have known for a long time that politicians lie, but the fact that they not only break their promises, but instead do the opposite is perhaps a more recent experience. The question is how long people will buy this? At every election, we carefully weed out the cheaters who seem least likely to lie, but still, so wrong this time too. When ideologies and promises are no longer of value, what is really left of our political system? It would be more honest to turn the Parliament building into a museum and the general elections into a national lottery.