Nikki Haley – the alternative to Trump – and the new candidate of the wealthy

Nikki Haley (Wikipedia)As Trump’s presidential campaign moves forward, despite all the allegations and legal tricks against him, the opposition is weakening. The Democratic Party has no real candidate, and few believe that Joe Biden will last another term, or even make it through the campaign.

The challenge now is to find a new challenger to Trump, and those in the shadows don’t care about left or right, they want a candidate who is obedient and follows their agenda. Republican Nikki Haley has suddenly started to shine, keep an eye on her going forward; she is a woman of Indian origin who fits the zeitgeist. Donations are pouring in, and she is supported by billionaire Charles Koch, among others.

Haley had an estimated fortune of $1 million in 2019. Her net worth increased to an estimated $8 million in 2022, thanks in part to book sales and joining the boards of Boeing and United Homes Group.

It all happens fairly openly these days. To become president, you have to make rich friends, and become rich yourself. If we weren’t constantly spoon-fed democratic pretence, we would probably perceive American governance as aristocratic, or even feudal.

It’s clear that Boeing wants a loyal presidential candidate; after all, they manufacture many of the weapon systems used in the seemingly pointless wars being waged around the world. And Boeing is just one of the stakeholders in this political soup; there are many more billionaires in the corridors of the White House who need help to expand their fortunes.

The difference with the feudal system of the past is that it operates behind partially closed doors, against a façade of popular rule and influence. The feudalism of the past was more open, with the feudal princes on stage, not behind it. Another significant difference from the aristocracy of the past is that there was a place for everyone, even if it meant harvesting the fields for a pittance. Today there is no room for everyone, consider the idle masses that populate the streets and squares of our cities, or those who lie at home, and get their joy from alcohol, amphetamines, heroin or fentanyl.

Maybe these are just some of the childhood diseases of the new feudalism – that there is no need for everyone? We shall see. I have a feeling that our new political system has not fully blossomed.