New project: “Regional Advancement”

New project: "Regional Advancement" 1There are plenty of think tanks that want to unite the world and, in a globalist spirit, create a kind of world government that governs both large and small. The UN is a body that is often used to guide countries in a certain direction. And we Europeans have already begun to experience this supranationality, as most of the laws affecting our nations are now made in Brussels, and only processed by the local parliament, which mostly acts as a sub-authority for the Union.

Is this a healthy development? Is there some kind of natural law that villages merge into parishes, which then merge into counties, which become countries and finally empires? Everything just gets bigger, and many feel that it is perhaps inevitable?

But we also know from the history books that empires just as often collapse under their own weight, and that a new regionalism is created after the disintegration, and that many of the great achievements of the West were created under the freer and regional model of society.

I have written about this many times, thoughts that include secession, breakaway and the benefits of small scale. I ended up dedicating a website to the project, which is largely apolitical. There may be people from both the right and the left who like regionalism and would rather build a society based on local conditions and local autonomy than centralization and global governance.

I chose to do the project in English because it is easier to reach a wider audience that way. And the regional idea really concerns everyone, no matter what part of the world you live in. This may not be a classic think tank or advocacy organization, the budget is almost zero, and there are no stated goals or objectives, other than to inspire those who seek more self-determination and autonomy, and to inform that there is actually something called regionalism, not everyone is aware of it; and to let it all develop organically.

In a small-scale society, many of the current tedious issues of taxes and social security etc. etc. also disappear. If you decide to manage this at local level with transparency and control of the population, then a better understanding and sense of community is created. Or if another municipality chooses to run everything completely privately, with purchased services, and an independent business sector that takes care of insurance, etc.

The interesting thing is that you can vote with your feet; perhaps the privatized municipality suits you better than the one where you have to vote and cooperate on everything? I have no comment on your choice. It’s up to you, but don’t force your lifestyle on others, that’s the message.

And through increased regionalism, we can create a patchwork of communities, many of which of course cooperate with each other on major projects, but which allow people to choose their local area and lifestyle. There will of course be many different ways of doing things, in the true spirit of pluralism and freedom. May the best region win.

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