Joe Biden’s dictatorial tendencies

Joe Biden's dictatorial tendencies 1Joe Biden is a terrible president. Besides the fact that he is probably demented and can hardly give a speech, debate or even conduct a normal conversation, he uses the state apparatus to persecute and humiliate his political opponents. The proud American nation that had justice and freedom of speech written into its political foundation has turned into a Latin American banana republic.

Biden is using corrupt prosecutors to accuse challenger Donald Trump of all sorts of imaginary crimes, in order to neutralise him and win the November election himself. The phenomenon is called lawfare, and has no place in democratic nations. It even went so far that some democratically controlled states wanted to exclude Trump from the electoral lists, but the Supreme Court intervened – there are of course limits even in a banana republic.

Otherwise, there have been allegations of tax offences, a classic when you want to get at someone, since the tax rules in most countries are complex, there are always mistakes that can be found and built on. We have also had a 20-year-old accusation of indecent assault, where the testimony is so bad that even a layman can find gigantic holes. And allegations of mishandling of official documents, which Biden in particular has been guilty of with stacks of papers in his garage, but without penalty.

In addition to Trump, he also targets people like Elon Musk, whose only offence is that he cleared the left-wing agenda from Twitter, allowing a more open conversation. This is, of course, unforgivable in Biden’s world; the White house declared it would keep a close eye on Musk, after which the formerly popular billionaire ran into problems with all sorts of permits and bureaucratic processes.

On the other hand, questions about Joe Biden’s strange dealings in Ukraine and elsewhere are kept quiet, despite the fact that he has openly interfered in the country’s politics and demanded the resignation of politicians in exchange for more aid. His son, Hunter Biden, has also held a position in a Ukrainian company with a substantial salary. His son’s computer has also been a source of speculation, as it was initially a conspiracy theory, but later proved to be true. It apparently contains information of a nature that does not favour either the father or the son.

The election itself, in which Biden won his victory against Trump, is also a source of continued fascination; many precincts claimed fraud, and that large numbers of postal votes were added on election night, resulting in the strange jump in the statistical graph, where Biden suddenly overtook Trump and took the lead. Biden’s campaign left a lot to be desired, with empty rallies and cancelled events, while Trump drew thousands of supporters across the country. Many suspected voter fraud at an early stage.

So, we have a president who may have come to power through fraud. After a short time in office, he authorises a humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving a lot of military hardware behind, and the country is quickly taken over by the Taliban. Of course, the US should never have started the war in the first place, but we can probably agree that the retreat was poorly managed. Then came the next conflict, this time in Ukraine, where after eight years of a Western-influenced civil war, the Russians finally got tired and crossed the border. You can have different opinions about the Ukraine war, but it probably would never have happened under Trump.

It would have been so easy to sign another agreement and guarantee the eastern regions a certain amount of autonomy and the right to speak their language etc. But that was never the idea, we even had European leaders such as Angela Merkel mocking the previous agreements saying they were just a way to buy time. Gaining time for what, one might ask? Now that much of Ukraine is occupied by Russia, and thousands of young men have died?

The truth is that the war in Ukraine could never be won. Russian military power and the Russian military industry were too powerful, and Ukraine never stood a chance. Perhaps people thought that Putin would be deposed, that he would become unpopular among the ruling class, that there would be some kind of coup? But such wishful thinking does not really require open warfare and the sacrifice of young men. In contrast, the arms industry requires conflicts in a never-ending stream to increase its market share and profits.

And I haven’t even mentioned the deeply deteriorating economic and social situation in the US, and the erosion of the dollar as a world currency. And the curious sabotage of the Nordstream gas pipeline, which according to some award-winning investigative journalists was carried out on the orders of the US and Biden. Undermining NATO member Germany’s energy supply and ruining its economy in the long term does not seem to bother the leaders in Washington.

Historians will not be kind to Joe Biden, who is probably the worst president the US has ever had.




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