If Ukraine joins the EU, we are all at war with Russia

If Ukraine joins the EU, we are all at war with Russia 1
Dresden after the war, 1945.

The latest news from the Ukrainian war is Kiev’s missile attack on Crimea, where over 100 bathers on a beach were injured by cluster bombs, of which about 6 people died. One might wonder about the strategic value of killing and maiming civilians on a beach.

The American ambassador was of course called to the Kremlin, because it is American weapons and satellite systems that are used for the attacks, but the Americans say that the Ukrainians choose their targets themselves. This did not appease the Russians, who declared that the terrorist attack will have repercussions.

We are getting closer to an open war between the US and Russia.

The war itself at the front is not going well for the Ukrainians, from being a protracted trench war, the pace is picking up and the Russians are taking village after village, slowly working their way west. The Ukrainian army has taken heavy losses and is largely made up of inexperienced newcomers, with an increased risk of the army breaking down and surrendering.

And in the midst of this political uncertainty, discussions about Ukrainian EU membership are intensifying. Personally, I find it hard to see Ukraine as part of the Union. Before the war, the country was described as corrupt, poor and backward. How such a country will integrate into the European economy and political culture is hard to imagine, especially when there is a war on its territory. And besides, if Ukraine joins the EU, we are all at war with Russia.

And of course, it will be a cheap way for the US to avoid sending its own soldiers, and instead let the Europeans fight each other. Are we that stupid? Some of us are, but not all. We see that a power shift is underway in Europe, but the question is whether it is not too late?

A defeated Europe and Russia would of course create a boom for American industry. With only one enemy left, China, and greater chances of continued global US military dominance. Anyone who thinks that the US cares about its allies may be completely wrong, just look at Nordstream, and the subsequent death of German industry. But that is probably only a foretaste.

It is no longer about marking positions, waving Ukrainian flags or thinking Putin is a more sensible leader than Ursula von der Leyen, but about avoiding war at all costs. The conflict in the East has escalated beyond all reason.