Turmoil or slow stagnation?

Turmoil or slow stagnation? 1One question that many doomscrollers are preoccupied with is the possible decline or even civil war. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. The economic situation in the West, with de-industrialisation, mass migration, increased government spending, and social and political problems, suggests that something unpleasant will happen in the future.

These developments cannot last too long. Mass migration takes up infrastructure, healthcare facilities, schools and public services so that the value of the tax money paid is constantly devalued. Citizens feel that healthcare is getting worse, schools are getting worse, etc. At the same time, the tax base is eroding and industries and research are moving to South East Asia.

A 5-10% increase in the population will have effects, especially when the economy, housing construction and social services cannot keep up. Why politicians are advocating mass migration but not mass expansion of electricity networks, schools and healthcare facilities is of course a mystery that every citizen should consider. Nor do we see much debate about this in the traditional media. Rather, they try to minimise or hide the problems. We’ve all read about how immigration is supposed to bring benefits to society, how we need to import new people to cope with healthcare, etc. Instead, the development went in the opposite direction.

Well, all this has already happened; let’s think about the future instead.

Will we see a massive collapse? Some argue that this will be necessary to replace the current leadership with other, more trustworthy people. It is true that societies undergo paradigm shifts at regular intervals, and we should rather embrace societal upheaval, as it can be a necessary cleansing bath. Something better will follow.

Others argue that such transformations are dangerous and can lead to revolutions, instability and poverty, which can encourage dangerous political forces and further deteriorate the social situation. Paradigm shifts are dangerous and, in the worst case scenario, can lead to civil war. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.

A third variant is that neither white nor black knights emerge, that the decline continues, as in Brazil, Argentina, South Africa; countries that were once rich and successful. And of which Brazil is definitely on the rise again. Comparisons are also made with the decline of the Roman Empire, or the centuries-long stagnation of Byzantium. We see many long years of decline and fall, where absolutely nothing happens, except that things get a little worse every year. People are resigned to the decline because there is little inclination to rebel and demonstrate; most people have families, children, houses and homes to think about. There is no room for revolt. However, we hope that others will try to do something about the world situation. The French, Dutch or German farmers? Or some others? Maybe nobody at all?