Stupid or malicious, that is the question?

Stupid or malicious, that is the question? 1I was discussing with a friend who was going to New York. He had received several warnings against walking around alone at night, or visiting bad neighbourhoods, because of the flood of illegal immigrants into the US. He exclaims in the middle of the discussion:

“Can’t we just turn them into legal immigrants anyway, who cares?”

“No, I don’t think that’s possible,” I replied. “There is not enough infrastructure, schools, hospitals, housing, roads, electricity, everything. It doesn’t work. You have to know how many people are coming, and check that they are not dangerous criminals, war criminals, etc.”

“Yes, you’re right,” replies the friend.

The discussion meanders on.

“Then there’s the problem of green parties, they put obstacles in the way of infrastructure projects, housing, roads, power stations, etc. So, even if you want to expand the infrastructure, it will be very difficult with the current political attitude.”

“So, it’s really the environmental issues that make large-scale immigration impossible?”

“Well, we let in a lot of immigrants anyway, and that’s why we get health care queues, problems in schools, electricity shortages, etc. Because the infrastructure does not keep up, whoever’s fault it is.”

“Won’t it be very expensive to expand the infrastructure when so many migrants don’t work, or work illegally, and don’t pay taxes? It will be an unnecessary cost.”

“Yes, absolutely, it costs a lot to update an entire country.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t let in those migrants at all, or just a few? With sought-after professions, who can contribute to something directly?”

“Yes, maybe so.”

“Who is it that insists on letting in so many immigrants without even preparing the infrastructure?”

“I guess most parties are behind it.”

“Politicians are not very good at maths and planning.”

“They aren’t.”

“Unless they want to create an underclass and an overall poorer society?”

“That’s right, but do you think they are that malicious?”

“Stupid or malicious, that is the question.”