Russians, Ukrainians and Orcs

Russians, Ukrainians and Orcs 1Keep in mind that the Americans do not think highly of the Ukrainians. They are also seen as a kind of Russian, whose sons can be sent as cannon fodder to weaken the greater enemy in the Kremlin. Let the Orcs kill each other and we won’t have to sacrifice American lives, that’s the idea.

Well, it will probably not be long before the Ukrainians realise that they have been tricked into going to war against an invincible neighbour, who not only has a much larger conventional defence but also nuclear weapons, supersonic missiles and other things up his sleeve, while he himself is dependent on arms supplies left over in NATO’s garage. Supplies that could stop being sent any day.

The bitterness that arises when you realise that your war against your Slavic brothers and sisters was useless. Sacrificing hundreds of thousands of lives and watching cities burn. That the plutocrats on the other side of the Atlantic never thought Ukraine could win the war, but only weaken Putin and perhaps, if they were lucky, create some kind of popular uprising against him.

And the US has done it so many times before, pitting one country against the other so that it doesn’t have to fight itself. You can get away with most things by spreading democracy and using nice phrases. Imagine that Kiev swallowed the lies? And sure, the Ukrainian leadership became millionaires in the process, but still, it stings in the soul.

Maybe they should have just have kept to the agreement that guaranteed the Russian-speaking population the right to speak their own language and increased regional autonomy. Ukraine could have become a country like Switzerland or Belgium where several languages and cultures coexist? Instead, they chose to oppose the Russian language and the Russian church, and tried to turn everyone into some kind of West Ukrainian, Galician.

When the lies are exposed and pride is swallowed, representatives of Ukraine and Russia may meet in an informal meeting. Perhaps even from Poland. It is quite possible that the bitterness will result in a pan-Slavic alliance, which will continue to cultivate its relations with China.

And whoever masters Eurasia masters the world according to the old geopolitical doctrine. Western Europe, led by Germany, will have to deal with the new empire. And a Germany whose energy production and gas supplies have been sabotaged by its own, will also look eastwards with confused, newly awakened eyes.

And then the result was something quite different from what the West, led by the US, predicted. In combination with the impending recession, the ongoing de-industrialisation and the dollar losing its status as a world currency, things do not look good for the West. When, if we had managed our cards better, we could have ruled the world for many more years.