How will the battered Sweden be restored?

How will the battered Sweden be restored? 1We see either deep complaints or childish excuses. Rarely bold proposals that could reverse the trend; let’s give it a try.

Governmental subsidies and grants for refugees (non-citizens) are time-limited, they start to be phased out after 6-12 months. Migrants and refugees should not be a burden on society and taxpayers, as stated in the UN Refugee Convention.

Tackle violations of asylum and citizenship laws; all those who have provided false information should be stripped of their Swedish citizenship. Since such offences are serious, the statute of limitations is set at around 50 years.

To create and maintain calm in the suburbs, the military or home guard should sometimes be called in, especially if the police are not allowed into the enclaves of criminal organisations. A state that cannot provide security for its citizens has lost its raison d’être.

The Swedes, with their 8-9 million inhabitants, are a tiny fraction of the world’s population, we cannot undertake to save and provide for all the world’s millions of refugees or fortune seekers, when wealthy countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai etc. do not want to do so.

What I describe is not extreme, but follows existing law and practice. The procedure can rather be seen as a milder return policy, without large-scale expulsions and evictions, where people are allowed to come to their senses and return if they cannot support themselves, or if they have cheated on their residence permit. Not everyone will return, of course, and some will go underground, but it will be a concrete, isolated problem, which will also diminish from year to year as the enclaves are slowly emptied.

It is really no more difficult than that, if the political will to save Sweden exists.