New borders in Europe if Ukraine falls?

Europe’s borders have been miraculously stable since World War II. With the threat of nuclear war and the complete eradication of our civilization, the appetite for war and conquest has not been very high. We have seen glimpses of a different order in the Yugoslavian conflict, and more recently in Ukraine. Where parts of Donbass …   ►

A divided America

I have discussed the concept of secession several times, it is about regions that break away from a state formation to become independent, or to join another state. Especially in light of the Ukraine conflict, where regions such as Crimea and Eastern Donbass sought autonomy or participation in the Russian Federation. I thought I’d take …   ►

Great Powers 2050

What is happening today in Ukraine is seen by some as a major reshaping of power structures in the world. The misguided sanctions against Russia have exposed the weaknesses of the American empire, and we are seeing an economic crisis in the West, while the Russians seem to be faring unashamedly well. Moreover, the dollar …   ►

The First and Second Anglo Empire

The Angles were a North Germanic people who lived somewhere between present-day Denmark and Germany, and the origin of the name has often been associated with fishing or sea bays. When they arrived in the British Isles around 4-500 AD, they were met by Celtic tribes who were defeated and slowly pushed westwards into present-day …   ►